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4th International Congress of Coaching Psychology 2014
Thursday 11 - 12 December 2014

Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury
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Highlighting the Psychology in Coaching

Welcome to the Special Group in Coaching Psychology (SGCP). The SGCP supports coaching psychologists, coaches, individual clients and organisations who are interested in learning more about coaching psychology and coaching services.

Our aim is to promote the development of coaching psychology as a professional activity and clarify the benefits of psychological approaches within coaching practice. We are committed to fostering excellence in coaching practice through: research, events, publications, discussion and professional development.

The SGCP is committed to providing easier access to psychological resources to organisations, non-psychologist coaches, as well as individual purchasers of coaching services.

The SGCP offers many benefits and great value to its members, for details see Member Benefits.

See our on-line list of members of the SGCP who are Chartered Psychologists to enable fast identification of coaching psychologists by post code, experience and a range of other factors.

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